Roll up your sleeves. We’ve got work to do!

TheNewHappyMe has given me a few kicks in the butt lately to get going with my ideas. The path to Happiness involves a lot of hard work. This is not an option. It does pay off though, big time!!  I’ll be very diplomatic about it, but I am telling you now, I am giving you that nice nudge: if you want to be happy, get to work!

In your search for Happiness, in your hopes to reach your Life Dream or your current goals, you have LOTS of work to do. Things won’t just happen because you prayed for them, friends won’t hand your wishes over to you on a silver platter and doors won’t open to you if you don’t even see the opportunities there in front of you!

Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

When I say take out your Journal and write about your Ideas, I expect you to do just that!! Your Ideas won’t materialize if you don’t start working on them seriously. Just thinking about them doesn’t cut it! Go ahead and take out that notebook of yours and use it as a Journal, as a workbook to write on, scratch off, draw, plan and create.

Whether the area in your life that requires improvement involves your health, wealth or relationships, you will no doubt have challenges to face. These are the opportunities that will offer you the chance to learn and grow. If you have obstacles before you even start on your path to achieve your goal, see what they are, identify their source and find solutions. Write about the options you have, find people who can support you and resource centers online or offline. There is so much to do for you to go from Idea to Goal Completion in your Do or Do Not Process, you will have to start somewhere. Start by writing to figure out what it is you are looking for…

All this requires a serious investment of:

TIME – You will need to set some time to work on this. This is YOUR time. It is time that YOU will invest in the improvement of YOUR life, and that is why it is so important and why it should become a priority in your routine. You should schedule it at a time of day that you will work best, most productively and efficiently, without interruptions. Others should respect this time that you have reserved for yourself. If you make this clear to yourself, others will understand and give you that space as well.

ENERGY – A lot of what you will work on will require digging deep within you, discovering feelings you have burried deep to forget. You will need to face fears, build your self-esteem, or even change your beliefs to be able to tackle the challenges at hand. These consist of a very emotional type of work and will take a lot of your energy. No amount of time spent on your Ideas will be productive without the added value brought by the energy you will invest in this aspect of your work.

Remember that all this is for you. It is Time and Energy well invested as you will be the one to reap the benefits first-hand. Yes it will be difficult at times, and yes, it will give you great joy and pride to have found The New Happy You!!

Anytime you need a kick in the butt, just come back to this article!!
Of course, Ask Carmen! is always available for a more interactive version! :)




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