Resistance cause it’s just too difficult

My daughter inspired me for this one! We were driving back home from work/school and she asked me for some help in math. She explained the problem the teacher had presented and she said she didn’t understand a thing. Then she added – “well nobody understood anything, so we weren’t listening…” This seemed quite normal to her, yet here I was knocking my head thinking, so why am I paying for your school???

Since she considers math to be one of her more difficult subjects in school, she has decided to resist it and avoids it as much as possible. It ends up getting her in trouble because she is eventually going to be tested on what was taught in class. So she runs to me for help and tutoring in time for the exams!

In our life, as adults, we don’t have tests to cram for. Our objectives are our own, so there is nobody obliging us to “listen and learn”, nobody is holding out hand to get through to the end. It is up to us to do the work. We have to find the motivation and surmount the obstacles ourselves. Basically, if I find something too difficult and I resist it by avoiding it, it will never get done.

This is not necessarily a sign of laziness as our parents would have once said. It may be caused by lack of motivation, fear of the unknown or lack of resources, among other reasons. So if this may be an issue in your case, do not feel shame or upset. It will take some work, but you can do it.

The idea is that “not doing something because it’s difficult” isn’t acceptable when the objective is so important for you. You deserve to achieve that objective and therefore, you should be investing as much time and energy as possible to make it happen.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Get help and support from Friends to help you through the task
  • Get a Friend or a supplier to do the task that you consider difficult for you, instead of wasting so much time or stalling because of it
  • Break it down to Baby Steps and see how you can achieve each one slowly until you complete the whole task
  • Have a clear Vision of the objective all the time to motivate yourself and continue your work until you accomplish it
  • Congratulate yourself and celebrate once it’s done; this will help in motivating yourself for future similar situations

Do you find yourself sitting in front of your Goals, Milestones and Steps like my daughter sits with a blank stare in front of her math teacher? Acknowledge the fact that you are having difficulty with the task(s) and make a decision to still move forward somehow. I am sure you will find a solution to advance on your Path!


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2 Responses to “Resistance cause it’s just too difficult”

  1. Sa Nad says:

    At sachool we were taught to always do the hardest task first – so I’ve always tried to apply this rule – and it works. Then, once the hardest task is finished, there are the easy things waiting for me and I can breathe a sigh of relief.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      That is one way of doing it and I’ve seen it recommended by experts too.
      I personally go for baby steps to completion of bigger objectives, but either way, accepting that the resistence is due to the fear of this difficulty, helps to find ways to minimize it.

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