Relationships, Friendships – Where do I stand?

Relationships are a very big part of our life. There will be the good ones, and there will be those that will challenge us to be strong, to face pain, adversity or deceit. Either way, all types of relationships will help you become who you will be Tomorrow, and as such, they are all incredibly important on your path.

Relationships come in all shapes and forms. I will call Friends those individuals we have relationships with, close or far, regardless.(including family members!)

How many Friends do you have?

I want to focus on the emotional side of friendships.  Your actions will affect your Friends. Their actions will affect you. Speaking of your path to Happiness, the direction in which Friends may guide you can go either way.

Do you feel like Friends don’t all make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?
Do you sometimes feel like some far away Friends are really your closest?

The very definition of Friendships is changing with the explosion of Social Media for our generation. The availability of so many means of communication, from the phone to the mobile, email, text messaging and now all accesses through the Internet, has already multiplied the opportunities we all have to affect the lives of our Friends. Times have changed and so we must adapt.

The way we will affect others or get affected hasn’t changed much though. Our emotions are the same they were hundreds of years ago when communications were either in your face, behind your back or through a written note… Does this ring true to you?

Encouragement can be offered through a hug or a facebook post. An insult can come with a spit in the face or a hang up. A Friend can support you with love or misguide you with jealousy. The means of communication don’t matter too much, do they? (or if they do to you, why is it so?)

Create a general picture of your Friendship circle.

Who are they and what are they to you? What type of Friends do you have? Do you have few very close ones keeping a tight circle or have you surrounded yourself with a multitude of acquaintances who have become your Friends? Do you have a soul mate you call Friend? Do you have close contact with your close Friends or do you feel comfortable keeping in touch just once in a while? There is no right or wrong answer here. This is just to have an overview of who your Friends are. This picture will be different for everyone.

How do they affect you? How do you receive information from your Friends? How are messages from one Friend different from those of another? How do you know when to listen to one but not to another? Can you differentiate which is good for you and which isn’t? How do you react to these: how do you get closer to the positive influences and distance yourself from the bad ones?

Take out your Journal… Write about all this in your Journal. Try to pay particular attention to whether you are helping yourself increase the positives of your present Statement or if you are being swallowed by negatives. Your statement is where you stand Today, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments for a better you Tomorrow. If such adjustments in your Friendships are in order, this exercise will help you determine that.

You don’t need to rush into changes in your life just yet. Drastic modifications in the way you deal with Friendships are not suggested either. I recommend taking the time to see where you stand with your Friends now and how this is helping you on your path so far. This is an important first step in looking for possible directions Tomorrow. There is still lots of work to be done!




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