Raising Consciousness…

Raising Consciousness… This is an expression that Christie Marie Sheldon, Intuitive Consultant, uses in her programs offered through Mindvalley. Here’s the concept:

While you raise your own consciousness, bringing your energy level to where you are operating with love (as opposed to operating from anger, fear or the like), you start seeing every event in your life through new and improved lenses. You acknowledge each occurence differently, as blessings, you appreciate them and you allow them to open new doors for you. (This doesn’t happen when your heart is closed with negative emotions).

In addition, while you are raising your own consciousness, you raise the energy levels of those around you. Notice how you cannot help but feel lighter when you are around someone who is totally chill? And if you are the nervous type, (like I was and still fall back into sometimes) you end up reacting violently to the chillness… you are feeling that energy and your body/mind is telling you to change… the raised level of energetic vibration in the other person, invites you to raise yours, from nervousness to breathing calmly and restfulness.

Is this amazing or what??? This means that by raising my own level of consciousness, I create a ripple effect and I can help others raise theirs!

This is very important to me since TheNewHappyMe project has been all about bringing people to higher energy levels in Happiness. I have been giving tips and techniques on how to find your own way onto the path of Happiness. These have been the basics, things you can learn and teach others. TheNewHappyMe is a movement and a community so the message has been well aligned with the mission.

However, there is a different type of message I have only slightly tapped into and now’s the time to dive into it. It’s all about raising our level of consciousness! This follows my vision of Awakenings I announced at the beginning of the year, the direction I wanted  TheNewHappyMe to take for this community.

I am seriously working on this right now. It’s the next step in my “work in progress”. I sincerely hope that I will be able to spread my energy to all of you because I truly appreciate, I am grateful and I feel blessed for having each and every one of you part of TheNewHappyMe!


If  you want to have a look at what I’m folllowing, here’s the link: http://archive2014.thenewhappyme.com/loveorabove



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  1. GOD IS ONE ?
    I have been told that God is one and only one. But when I try to collect names of different religions, I could prepare a long list of religions which have been given different names and the believers in those religions had been trying to establish that their religion is the best in the world and all other religions are false and have not been created and established as per will of God. It is on record that people had been fighting in names of their own religions and it is also on record that people of one religion had been killing people of other religions and it is also on record that they had been demolishing the religious places of people of other religions and himself as a brave man and the people of other religions who had been losing their people were calling the killed as martyrs. It has been the belief throughout that the one a person of one religion had been killing people of other religions, he had been calling man who was killing and the man who was killed, both were true devotees of God. When God is one and we have been told that He remains one throughout, then why this division in names of religions? We could have tolerated all this division had their been co-ordination amongst the religions. But there is no coordination in between the religions. All the religions established in the world are trying to establish that they are separate and the best religions on this earth and when they meet people of other religions and discuss with them, they try to establish that the people in other religions are on the wrong path and it is on record that people of one religions had been trying to prove that they are on the right path and therefore, they had been persuading others to come over to the right path and it is on record that at times they had been utilizing force to convert others to their own faith. There had been killings on this account and if we want to rewrite the history of this mankind we shall be able to write down all these events in history wit` blood of man on this earth. More and more killings had been their in name of religion. If religions were established in name of God, He should have stopped this man on earth to save life of all men because giving birth and taking life is the within the jurisdiction of God and man should not have been allowed to kill people just in name of a religion. God should have kept this authority with Him and He should not have allowed this man on earth to take up the work of killing men on this earth. Much had been done in the past and therefore, time has come when the Almighty must take up the authority back and this man should not be allowed to take life another fellow-being because one should not delegate powers in such a manner and to such persons who could mis-utilize the same and it is on record that man on this earth had been misutilising this power delegated to him by God. It is the duty of delegating power to ensure that power delegated by him is being utilized on right path and if somebody is flouting the authority, the delegating authority must examine the case and if need be, he must take the power back. In the instant case this had not been done and crore of people have been killed by men on this earth. The people who had been killing men are not answerable, because God Himself had delegated this power to men on this earth and when those were misutilising that power, God did not supervise them properly and that is the reason the whole bundle of facts of history stinking.
    Time has come when the whole establishment is to be examined. Time has come when God should see that one religion is established on this earth. This division had brought much bloodshed on this earth. There should be one religion, if need be, one place of worship in each town or village and if need be there should be one religious book which should give guidance to this mankind. Division of religions with different names could not function well and that is the reason peace could not be established on this earth and we all know that till peace is established on this earth, progress which is in our fate would never be achieved. Man would not be able to explore the blessing hidden in nature and shall remain backward. Once peace is established, the people shall try to find out more and more blessings hidden in nature and they would be able to convert this earth into a Heaven and they would stop dreaming of another Heaven which is available to them after their death. It is on record that this earth and this nature has already provided this earth with mountains, rivers, minerals, jungles, different seasons, coal, oils, rains, seas and all these are the basics which could be exploited and could be utilized for the welfare of mankind on this earth. So we all have come forward and ar e standing before God with folded hands and are praying that He must allow us to join in one religion so that we could function collectively and go ahead with the wish of God. Till there is one religion and till all are united and till there is no division on the basis of religions, castes, colours, creeds and sex, progress of mankind is not possible. Much damages had been done in the past and therefore, we must stop all these divisions and must try to unite in one religion. At present all facilities of communications are there and men can talk to each other through microwaves and therefore, they should come forward under one banner. They all know that whatever had been done in the past and whatever they are doing at present all are on the wrong directions and therefore, they all want that there should be unity of thought. They know that all the religions had been telling them the same life-philosphies and the same principles, but still they could not unite in one religion. At one stage, a great king in India Akbar the great tried to establish one common religion, but even the people of his time did not allow him to establish that religion which was named by him as Din e Ilahi. Later on Shri Guru Arjan Devji tried to establish one common religion and he compiled works of all the saints in one book called Shri Guru Granth Sahibji. But later on this Granth could not be adopted by all because the Sikhs could not allow its installation in all the religious places owned and controlled by people of other religions.
    We have noted that people in all the religions have different living styles and different eating and saluting habits. They have got different styles of haircuts so that they could be identified by others that actually belong to another religion. They have started having different countries on the basis of their own religions and when they are living in a country, they try to live separately and in towns we can find different colonies for people of different religions. They believe that they shall be safe if they live separately from people of other religions and they shall be unsafe if they live with people of other religions. This division is permanent and this division is available even in countries which call themselves as Secular countries and which they claim that they do not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste, colour, creed and sex. Till different religions are there on this earth, the people would not be allowed to join and there shall be instances when people shall be killing others just because they belong to another religion. All trials on this earth have failed. People have started admitting that all the religious books are telling us the same principles, but these are verbal admissions. Otherwise all the religions are on a war path and they are trying to compete with other religions and are trying to establish that they have got better principles. If God keeps this question pending, the people in this world would continue to suffer. We are not in a position to count number of centuries for which mankind had been suffering because of these divisions on the basis of religions. At-least man would not be in a position to stop these divisions on the basis of religions. God Himself had given birth to these religions and therefore, He himself shall have to come down on this earth and shall have to establish one religion. Till God comes down, mankind shall have to suffer and there could be more wars in the name of religions because at the present some of the people have already branded particular religions and their people as terrorists and some of the people have been branded as rioters. Both are killing the people and such wars are on in particular countries and the citizens of the same country had been killing their own people and it ison record that they had been destroying properties of their own people which could have been utilized for the welfare of their own people. All efforts have failed because man is divided and he would not like to listen to others. Everyone in this world thinks that he is on the right. We have been told that God Himself had given such an information in the ears of everyone of us telling us that each one of us had specially been created by Him and God told him that such a person had never been created by God and henceforth, He would not create such a person once again. This truth of life is the main cause of all troubles and on t he basis of this fact, everyone of us think that his religion is right and he himself is in the right and everyone other than him is in the wrong. So we can have hope only in God and we all shall wait for Him till he comes down on this earth and we shall be raising all the objections we have got in our mind. Till that date we shall have to wait and this waiting period could be of centuries or more than centuries..

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