Proud of my Hard Work

Pride: the amazing feeling that comes with the accomplishment of an initiative following a lot of work and a big investment in time and energy.

I will add to that; the more difficult the journey, the prouder you will be to have come through.  Is that true for you too?

What often happens to me is that, at the beginning, before I even start the project, I take a step back and wonder how I will be able to tackle it, from which angle, if I am even going to be able to handle it at all. Then I take a good look at all the pieces of the puzzle spread before me, and I start assembling.

Soon I end up doing things I never thought I could do. I work at finding new ways of doing things, I find support and get the information I need from others, I get out of my zone to try something new. Each of these steps requires time and energy, but I do it, one at a time. It becomes a real adventure, with uphill battles, fun rides and learning curves…

Once I have completed the project, I take a look back at where I was and where I have come. Wow. I did it. What’s more, I worked extra hard to accomplish things I never imagined I could do before and I want to tell everybody how I did it! In a lot of detail!

The truth is it feels great to boast your capabilities, your ability to overcome challenges and reach goals not everyone can reach.  It is a reward in itself to be able to tell everyone about how proud you are of your accomplishment.

In an effort to motivate myself, I often do think about the end reward of completing a project, how people will congratulate me or how I will be able to show off my work. That reward gives me the boost I need to get started and to keep going even when the work gets harder.

So when you are getting a little lazy about putting in the effort required to complete a goal or milestone, think of how proud you will be to tell the world (or at least all your friends) about your great accomplishment!

Be proud of your Hard Work! Think of TheNewHappyMe smile on your face!


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