Praying for a miracle…

Some readers may not be looking into 2012 New Year Resolutions. They may be praying for a miracle instead. I understand but I don’t want to fuel any helpless plea.

My words may be harsh if you are experiencing difficulties you deem insurmountable. You feel you have done everything possible. You are waiting for God, the Universal Energy to move things around for you.

You may know someone who is praying for a miracle and waiting. You don’t know how to help.

My words will be harsh again.

The Energy that surrounds us, that we were born from and that we will go back to in death, is there to support us throughout our lifetime. It supports us, lifts us and cradles us in good and bad times. It can also move things around, not for us, but with us.

We are part of this Energy. God created us in His image. Praying requires movement to invite further movement. Asking alone will not drop change on our lap. Miracles aren’t delivered, they are offered to those who are willing to accept them. Asking while opening our heart to solutions, while feeling, seeing and actually transforming the Energy within us to allow change, makes the difference.

Continue praying, asking or meditating. Add Gratitude for your openness to change. Be the change. Believe that you are the Energy that will make the change. See the change. Add more Gratitude and enjoy the sweetness of a job well done.



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    Well put, Carmen!

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