Post #225 made possible with Discipline

YUP! This is post 225 in 225 days! Haven’t missed one day yet and I am loving it!!

#225! Can you believe it?

How do I do it? DISCIPLINE!

I established my routine from the beginning. I sit on my bed with my laptop at 8PM sharp and I type.

On Wednesdays at 8PM, I have a scheduled webinar I never miss, so I usually write my post the day before. I don’t mind the extra time the night before when I am already on a roll writing!

When I went on vacation, I wasn’t sure to have time, energy or Internet service, so I wrote all my posts ahead of time and scheduled them to run while I was away… That was a lot of work, but Discipline obliged me to keep true to my word to my readers (and to myself): one post a day!

Other situations sometimes happen also, preventing me from following my routine. No matter. Discipline and commitment, coupled with passion for TheNewHappyMe help me through this and I get my post out one way or another…

What do you want to do in your life with excitement like this? Discipline will be a breeze once you find THE right path for you!


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