Positives Add Up…

On your way to Emerald City, one of the many things you have to remember is that positives add up, negatives don’t.

 1+1=2               1+(-1) = 0

This seems like a smart statement.  It’s quite simple really.
In our thoughts though, we sometimes don’t follow this statement to move forward.
We use negatives in our complaints, trying to resolve challenges.
Challenges stay unresolved, we stay stuck in a status quo (=0 step forward)
Hence the frustrations…

While on the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City, your path requires you to follow one direction, forward.  Although you may sometimes take one step back to take two steps forward, in general the combined steps should lead closer to your destination.

Positive and negative are directions. Which direction do you choose?
- Remez Sasson, Self-improvement Expert.

On your path, you will use a map. You will draw your way to destination. The line will no doubt move in one direction. That direction is the sum of all the positive steps you will take, all the positive thoughts that will support you throughout the journey, and all the positives these thoughts will continue to attract to your life.

On this path, negatives are not welcome.

Negative thoughts move you in the opposite direction. Negatives also attract more negatives, therefore creating a strong frontal wind, much more difficult to manage.  Why then should I ever accept to have negative thoughts? They are so unproductive,  they drain my energy for nothing, the alternative is easy to implement and promises more results!

Sometimes, our situations have us drowning in a sea of negatives. We only see black, no matter where we turn. We have anger and frustrations and a lot of negative emotions flooding our lungs; they have to come out. Complaints temporarily clear our system and let us breathe through venting. But we don’t realize that more negatives will have us gasping for air again in no time.

Consider debt; thinking about the lack of money is a negative.  When I complain about my debt, I attract more of the same type of energy; I will encourage interactions with people who want to complain as well or I will make bad financial decisions to add to my misery. These obviously move me in the wrong direction.

Positive thoughts put me back on the right track, towards the right direction. An action plan of ways to increase my assets or credit is filled with positive thoughts, asking advice from successful individuals is also a positive step. Both will help me move forward on this path where the ultimate goal is financial freedom. Positives will attract more positives and they will add up.

So if you are in a situation where you want to start planning your field-trip to Emerald City, but you feel you have too many obstacles in your way, pick up your Journal. Write down how each of your complaints can be transformed into a positive Action Plan and road map to destination. Your positives will add up!


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