The Positive Frequency of the New Happy Me

Ever since I started working on my posts and more seriously on my personal growth, I noticed a big shift in the dynamics between me and my surroundings. It’s like if my NewHappyMe is changing the way my environment is behaving… It’s like magic!

If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have said ”Seriously?!?… Like who would believe your attitude could change the way things actually happen around you. These are out of your control, your mind cannot possibly positively influence what happens outside of you… Really?!?!!” I mean ridiculous things like:

  • making it comfortably to destination while driving through town during peak rush hour; did all the drivers just decide to take alternate routes to clear my path?? Or perhaps was it a Holiday today that I wasn’t aware of by any chance?
  • receiving an email announcing a 40% discount day tomorrow at my son’s favourite clothing store; this type of discount on everything in store happens like once a year… and I know I just missed it last week!! Were they expecting me? Are they giving me a second chance to make it to the store? They must realize my son is growing so fast, he needs new pants soon or he’ll look like a giraffe with shorts on!! Not cool!
  • having pertinent information drop on my lap every few days, giving me the tools I need to move forward in a timely fashion. I’m not even searching for answers, they’re just coming to me!!

So what’s happening!? Is it really magic? If it is, I’m not doing it!! Or am I?

Based on my knowledge of  the Laws of Attraction, I think I found the source of my good fortune. The New Happy Me is attracting things that match my attitude’s energy. Therefore I am attracting good things.  It actually feels like my environment has tuned in to my positive frequency and is now behaving accordingly.

I love the feeling and I want to experiment with this more. If you have a story to share or comments about this, please write! :)


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