Planning and preparing for my Hard Work

Through the last few discussions, we understand how rewarding it is to put in good Hard Work in the achievement of our goal. We also know how important it is to realize when to stop. Now we can move forward with a healthy mindset ready to tackle the road ahead.

My first emphasis goes to planning. I always plan to pay particular attention to “time” and for ”sequence” of steps required for the project at hand. This preparation stage is very important because it allows me to get a global image of where I am headed, in my time and in the development of my milestones (as opposed to taking the ‘go with the flow’ approach).

First I look at Time. It is our most precious asset. We must use it wisely. I have learned to schedule my work to include a good number of hours per day on my project and some rest and quality time for me and my family.  This way, I can be sure to devote enough of my energy to making my goal a priority and reality while keeping a healthy balance at home. This goal is for me, my Life Dream and my Happiness, therefore it has to receive proper attention. My family and my self are also very important, so work will have to allow some time for these as well.  Planning my routine to include both in a balanced way will make sure I can make it work even when the going gets tough.

I also take a bit of time at the very beginning to plan the achievement of my goal. This is the project preparation stage. Where am I today, where am I going, what are the steps in between. This stage requires a lot of thought and research, in addition to some talking with friends and experts to see how I will be able to pan out the development of my project. The sequence of milestones and of tasks, the time requirements of each of these, the challenges I will need to overcome as I move along, will all determine how I will progress in time. Some periods will have to be more intense, some more easy going, some long, some short. Planning will give me a better idea on how I will need to organize my time and Hard Work to make sure I keep my balance.

The thing I love about planning is being able to anticipate the good and the exciting times ahead. I can put in incredibly intense periods of Hard Work, knowing that there is something very special and wonderful waiting for me at the end. The feeling and motivation are amazing!!

How can you plan your goal and what type of excitement will you be looking forward to?  You can plan any type of project this way! Get creative, live your Life Dream! Get excited! Start by planning and the Hard Work will become a breeze!


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