Passion to measure life dream

The first step in working to achieve your life dream is to decide to go ahead with it. There is a lot of work involved, so you have to actually make a serious decision to set off on your path. This is an important step that can potentially change your life!

Some of you may be rolling your eyes. A decision? Seriously?
When you have a life dream, don’t you just jump on the path???

Yet, the decision isn’t so obvious to many people.
It’s worth taking a moment to think about this.

When I think of “Life Dream”, I think of something I am constantly visualizing, something I am passionate about, something I want to work at to achieve in my lifetime. That is the vision of Life Dream we normally have, making us believe that the idea alone will have us committed to the adventure.

Yet, eons ago, I had an idea of my life dream that was completely different. Actually, my view of my life dream changed a few times over several phases of my life. My then current situations seemed to be influencing my decision of what I thought I wanted in life. If you feel this may be your reality, it is quite normal. There is nothing to worry about and there is a way to figure this one out.

I believe you can gauge your view of your life dream today to see if this one is the right one. Your measuring unit? Passion.

Try this exercise. Take out your journal and write down what your Life Dream is. Describe it in as much detail as you can.
How fast are your writing? How smoothly are your thoughts flowing? Are you surprised by how much you have to write? Or on the contrary, are you stalling for ideas, are you surprised at how little your visualization is exciting you?

Now write down where this idea of your Life Dream came from?
I have sometimes carried dreams, influenced by what loved-ones desired for me. I thought they were my Life Dreams, but they were theirs, not mine. My true Life Dream came from an excitement within and kept resurfacing regularly even if I pushed it back often, thinking it didn’t make sense.

How passionate do you feel about your Life Dream while you are writing about it in your Journal? Try speaking about your Life Dream and your project to your friends. Can you “measure” your passion to see if it feels right?  Will the passion you feel about your Life Dream give you the energy to commit and to devote yourself 110% to achieve your goal?

Use passion to measure your Life Dream and see if you are ready to make your important decision.


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