Passion makes me jump into action!

I recently realized how much my passion for TheNewHappyMe has changed my attitude in regards to my projects. Although I have often been described as a doer (even though I seldom thought of myself as that), I just discovered a new-found ability to jump into action! The feeling is exhilirating!

Over the past 20 years of career development, I have grown a  lot. Learning, trying things out, making cold calls, asking for advice and imitating seniors to advance, have been on my action oriented road to growth. Yet I have always felt a certain reluctance, a tinge of fear or a shyness to get things done.

Now in my more senior years in the workplace, I do things more comfortably than before; I am more confident and experience has taught me a lot. I sometimes have moments of hesitation that I quickly recover from by asking for feedback. I still push my limits as required and I tackle challenges to learn along the way, but my steps are very calculated. I consider myself relatively conservative at work.  I don’t get too excited about new initiatives. I usually play devil’s advocate to place my concerns and, if we go ahead with a project, I do my job because it needs to get done. 

It feels like, although I have always felt proud of my accomplishments and my growth on my career path, there has always been something missing. I am lucky my journey has taken me to the non profit industry where I see the fruits of my labour and I get extremely motivated by it, but still, there is something missing. I don’t jump into action the way I would like to.

In TheNewHappyMe, things are very different. I think some of my work experience helps me to advance with more ease in the project, but I don’t seem to have any doubts about moving forward; I just do. 
I have no hesitations, I just jump.
I don’t wait to get things done right, I just throw it out there. 
Fear, what fear?
I know in my heart that I will be able to touch someone’s life through my words, so I just go ahead with what I need to do.
The feedback I get will only make my work better, so I continue…

Is the difference Passion?  Is Passion melting away my obstacles?
Is Passion the element that is allowing me to just jump into action?

What do you think?


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