Passion keeps my bucket full

I recently made an important discovery and I want to share it with you.

In all my work and life experience, I feel like I have filled a bucket with holes.  I get excited about a project or a plan and the energy level goes up. The bucket fills. Motivators boost me. The bucket is now full. The excitement and adrenaline rushes are incredible in supporting me through the toughest moments. So far so good, but the bucket isn’t overflowing, the level is just being maintained. Why? There is a leak. The bucket is still full so I can keep going.

The leak is a problem. Soon one hole becomes two… then three and four. What starts with juggling my schedule with my children, becomes having to actually juggle them, then having to deal with their complaints in addition to listening  to my mother’s comments about how wrong this situation is. You add to that a constant running around, stress, frustrations, fatigue… Not enough time, not enough money… The income from motivators can only keep the bucket full for so long when there are so many holes in it…


I need to change my bucket and my plan.

With TheNewHappyMe something has changed. Inherently, the plan is more suited for my life but I am also doing things I really love; I write, I am creative and I am interacting with readers. I have even found balance with it, even though I maintain my day job. It does require a lot of work, yet my energy level is constant (and constantly high) while I am focused on it. My bucket is filling nicely and I am not killing myself nor sacrificing my family to keep it full. Actually, my family is supporting me in this project because they see a difference too.

So what changed?  Here are my thoughts:

  1. My jobs, projects and career to date have offered me several motivators including salary, raises and promotions, knowledge and experience, fruits of my labor and appreciation. All of these come from the outside to fill me inside.  So my bucket is being filled by an outside source and I have to work hard to keep it coming. This often involves sacrifices which cause issues and leaks…
  2. TheNewHappyMe has 2 major motivators to date, my passion/happiness to be working on it and believing that my words have impact. Both come from within me and the second is even fueled by the feedback I actually get from my readers.  So my bucket is being filled by an internal and magical source. My work being quasi effortless, with passion supporting it, in addition to a better life balance, there is no pressure on the bucket, hence no leaks. My bucket may even start overflowing at one point!

Right now, I am still carrying two buckets in one and trying to transition to the newer more solid system for good.  I am very excited about the discovery of passion, my new internal and magical source of energy, and of my new leak-free bucket!  As I fill it slowly, I also fill myself and my life with happiness. I hope my experience and discovery inspires you to find your passion and leak-free bucket too.


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