Passion attracts

Picture someone talking about a project with tremendous passion. Don’t you just feel like jumping into that world of wonderful excitement?

I’m not a sales expert but I believe some of the best salespeople must be the ones who are passionate about their product or service. If they are truly into what they are talking about, their passion will relay the message well to the listener and get that person involved. The passion will seal the deal.

What’s really happening here is the attraction of passion. The emotion is very powerful and positively charged to a high degree.  It is so attractive, it is difficult for someone not to get pulled in by its energy.

This is an amazing feeling for both parties. The individual who is living his passion will be fueled by the response around him, while his listeners will reap benefits of the positive energy that is emitted.  This is true for any aspect of life, for wealth, health, romance or personal growth!

How will this help you for your Life Dream?
If you are indeed following your Life Dream and you are very passionate about your path, you will no doubt transmit that message directly to your entourage. There is nothing hidden about passion. It’s out there for everyone to see, through your vibrant attitude and the twinkle in your eyes, even if you consciously try to keep it a secret.

Everyone around you will be energized by your passion. People will get involved in various ways, such as by encouraging you, by supporting you in your project, by helping you with bits that you would need help with, by referring you to others who could get involved as well, and so on.  Passion is a bit contagious, so your energy will spill onto others and have them doing things they may not have done before. (I hope my passion is contagious enough to inspire you to live your dream too!)

Passion is like a magnet. As much as it attracts, it may also repel and that’s okay. It will bring out some jealousy and negative feelings in some people. Don’t worry about it. If these individuals are stuck in their negativity, the intensity of your passion will also magnify their feelings, allowing you to see it clearly. All you have to do is keep your distance. Your passion will protect you.

So how do you see your level of passion for your Life Dream?  Are you excited enough to say – this is it! 

If you are, then go for it! Soon, your passion will be attracting supporters and cheerleaders to help you on your path!


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