Opportunities Arise

Has it ever happened to you that when you least expect it, an opportunity arises to change your plans for the better?

In what circumstances does this happen? Do you think that if you knew the recipe, you would make it often?

I have faith that things happen for a reason. When you believe in your core that you deserve something better, your energy works towards formulating a plan that will work best for you. The road might still be a struggle and the opportunity might be completely unexpected, new and different, but it will work itself out to be for the better either way.

What if the recipe is to simply believe? Really believe. If it’s as simple as that, why not give it a try? Best way I say is to write. Take your journal and start by: “I believe I deserve… because…”. Do it like a petition. What are all the reasons why you deserve.

An example might be:
“I deserve to have better acknowledgement at work because I work hard, I work long hours, I have proven to be very efficient, productive and smart in my initiatives.”

 When I write this, I truly believe this to be true. I really deserve more appreciation and better treatment at work… and so on.

An example of the wrong type of message is:
“I deserve a more expensive car.”

I can give you two major reasons why this is the wrong this to ask for. 
1) Why? Why not is not an answer. Your brain will not agree with you on this because it is a difficult request for you to believe in your core. It is superficial.
2) Because there may an underlying plan to follow before you reach material comfort to afford a more expensive car. You may deserve a better job, more financial freedom, a positive response from a big client, etc. These last items are the ones you can believe in and write about. If the plan works out for you to reach those desires, then the car will be within reach.

The principle idea is to believe in your core!  You have to go deep down inside and dig out the negative thoughts that may be sabotaging you from truly believing that you deserve. Do you have a boss who doesn’t think you should get that promotion; is that why you’ve been afraid of even applying? Write about all the reasons why you deserve that position, how you would handle it, how you would be good at it, why you believe you deserve it. The exercise will allow you to get the strength to move ahead as well. Your energy will do the rest.

Your energy will work in funny ways sometimes. Trust that an opportunity will arise no matter what, if you truly believe. If your energy doesn’t think this position is the right one for you even though it is the one you were eyeing, it will bring forward another opportunity that will be even better suited for your belief. An unexpected door will open. Be ready for this.

So when you are feeling low, you have a heart full of desire and need to give your energy a little push to make things happen, write about it. Tell yourself why you truly believe a change is needed. Command it. Be open to the new doors of opportunity that may arise out of the blue. You will be happier for it!


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