One basic purpose in life: to learn and grow.

Over the last 170 days, I have posted as many articles related to happiness and about moving forward on TheNewHappyMe path.  Whether the journey leads to happiness directly or indirectly, the key words in my work are moving forward.  To further define this journey, I have adopted the lovely expression “to learn and grow”.

I am writing about my purpose in life as part of the wealth series because many of us want to find happiness through wealth. Financial freedom, quality time with loved ones, good health and proper care, the opportunity to give back; these are all amazing outcomes of successful wealth building; they definitely deserve your attention. Building wealth is a tremendous example of moving forward, as it is one of learning and growing.

Our purpose in life, whether it be through the dream of building wealth or otherwise, will help in reaching a level of happiness. Recognizing our purpose is one thing, not always obvious to everyone, working on our purpose is a whole other ball game. Today, I try to simplify the concept. Let’s start with the basics.

If I should have but one basic purpose in life, if I can englobe all my dreams in life into one basic purpose, or if I can guess what your life dreams will require of you in their accomplishment, I can summarize it with this: to learn and grow…  Simple enough?

What is your purpose in life?
My life dreams are an indicator of what I think my purpose in life is. It may not be so obvious to some people though. Is it for you? I may have a variety of dreams such as to help others through my work/job, to bring up wonderful children who will become model individuals, to build a successful business in a particular market I am passionate about, to find love and a soul mate to share my life and my dreams with…

Dreams are very personal and you may have more than one dream in life of course. It is a revealing exercise to think about your dreams. I am sure many of us have never tried to take a step back to write a list of dreams. Enumerating them can be a very enlightening experience in itself!  (Don’t be shy, take out your journal…)

Now, when you take a look at your list of life dreams, can you see how to learn and grow is a common denominator?

Working to make a dream come true, for any of the ones listed, means I have to learn and grow. The challenge of acquiring knowledge to plan, to act and to accomplish and the outcome of growing through the experiences, of accepting to move forward on my path, are inherent to making my dreams come true. This applies to any dream!

No matter what your dream may be, you will have to learn and grow to reach your objectives. Otherwise, the dream wouldn’t really be a dream,would it? If you had nothing to learn and nowhere to grow, wouldn’t your dream already be a reality? Wouldn’t it be absolutely boring to have nothing else to strive for?

So no matter what your dreams are, your basic life purpose will be to learn and grow.

This is an incredibly important concept to understand because it breaks down your big dream (and your possibly overwhelming list of dreams) into a very basic process. The purpose to learn and grow will come so naturally to you when you embrace it…

We will continue this discussion in tomorrow’s post. This deserves a few more paragraphs… It’s quite important.


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2 Responses to “One basic purpose in life: to learn and grow.”

  1. Kayla says:

    I have a dream to travel the world, simply because I love traveling and want to learn about different cultures and their histories.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Traveling the world is a great dream! Imagine all the things you will learn from the different cultures you will experience on your trips! You may implement some of this new-found knowledge in your own life too… I remember going to England with a scouts’ group when I was 14 and my mom said I came back a different person!! :)

      In addition to this, think of your plan to make this dream come true… each of your thoughts, decisions and steps will contribute to your learning and growing!! As you move forward, your dream will be more and more within reach!

      This is a great dream Kayla! Go for it! Learn and grow on the journey!

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