On our Path – Stories of Friendship

Everyone you speak with will have a story about Friendship. They will speak of an experience, good or gone wrong. They will speak of a person who somehow touched their life. They will remember happy times or painful moments. They will talk about a person they still see regularly, that they have lost touch with, or that they regret ever meeting.

The emotions are real when we talk about Friendship. They are charged with a lot of energy and each story is a witness to how it has already affected the person. What’s more, the story may impress upon others with its high energy as it is recounted to them.

On our Path, our own stories will dictate our direction. Stories from others may influence us as well.

Getting support from our friends is amazing on our path. Support however comes in many shapes and forms.

It is your responsibility to identify what is good support for you. Sometimes, the sugar coated messages from superficial friends seem so nice on the outside but are bitter inside and not good for you. Sometimes a friend will need to hurt you to a halt to prevent you from making a huge mistake… Things aren’t always what they seem. Food for thought on your Path to Happiness.

I like this quote by Oscar Wilde, 19th century poet: “True friends stab you in the front.”

That’s because they love you.

What are your stories of Friendship?
What have you learned and what can you share with us?


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