Nobody said it would be easy!

In dealing with feelings, let’s make this REAL clear: it ain’t easy!

I’ve been talking about digging out feelings hidden deep inside, facing emotions that may have affected your life in ways you don’t even realize, writing in your Journal to try to comprehend the nature of the beast, where it comes from and what position it now holds in your life.  These are very heavy words…

Over the past 20 years, my personal growth has been just this. Years of working on figuring out my feelings.

If anybody asked me about personal growth back at the beginning, I would have mistaken the path for being very unlucky in life. Nobody told me it would be easy, but I never imagined this… Boy has it been a Journey!

I will be 40 in 2 months…. I love what the next 20 looks like! :)

No, it isn’t easy, AT ALL! When you commit to be true to yourself and live a life with purpose, you have a very tall mountain to climb. Nobody said it would be easy! BUT let me tell you this… it is SO WORTH IT!

Do me a favor today and write in your Journal about why you came to TheNewHappyMe. What will come out will be your purpose as we tackle that mountain together!  Welcome to TheNewHappyMe and The  New Happy YOU!


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