No one to blame when you take responsibility!

Blame to me is the most useless reaction to any situation. Pointing the finger at someone or something doesn’t allow to learn from the event, it is unproductive in fixing problems and it doesn’t leave any contentment behind. It is an empty way of dealing with unpleasant occurrences that goes against the grain of responsibility.

In TheNewHappyMe way, when an unpleasant situation upsets me, I prefer to see how I may be responsible for the situation. Have I made a mistake I should learn from? Am I part of a bigger mistake? Does this call for a group solution? Have I understood the issues correctly? What can I do to correct this now and prevent it from happening again? If someone else is at fault, did I contribute? How can I help the person realize and correct the situation?

This is the responsible way of dealing with issues. It leaves me satisfied to know that I have learned from the experience, I have grown into a better understanding and that, of course, I took care of this without casting negativity on anyone around me. It leaves me with a smile…



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2 Responses to “No one to blame when you take responsibility!”

  1. Carmen says:

    You raise a very good point Paul! Thank you!

    I do things a certain way, TheNewHappyMe way, and I often forget how some people may not be anywhere close to my belief system.

    I try to think that my readers have a good understanding of the work we all have to put in our personal growth. I believe that they will accept to look at this, think about it and see how my thoughts may relate to them and invite them to learn and grow.

    With a bit of work I think TheNewHappyMe community of readers can come a long way in learning to take responsibility, with all the good and the challenging situations it may represent.

    Thanks again for the input Paul!

  2. Hi Carmen -

    I think that too many people do not want to take accountability for their actions. Many people dimply do not want to take responsibility for what they did. It is ‘easier’ to blame our co-worker, our friends, our family, someone else, God, the weather, the traffic, etc., than to say, “I messed up! I take responsibility for what I did.”

    Arnold J. Toynbee said, “As human beings, we are endowed with freedom of choice, and we cannot shuffle off our responsibility upon the shoulders of God or nature. We must shoulder it ourselves. It is our responsibility.” When we make a bad choice, we should own up to it.

    In the end, people will respect and appreciate us more!

    Be Well.

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