No More Resolutions!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I wish all my readers the courage, strength, wisdom and love to follow The New Happy Me path to self-discovery, to growth and to happiness.

So… what’s with the title you’re asking?
Well, let me ask you this: How many times have you heard resolutions are meant to be broken, or more importantly how many resolutions have you not broken yourself?

The problem I believe is not with the term resolution or its definition. You can call it anything else, it would still be defined as the promise you make to yourself (and sometimes to others) to take on or change something (a habit or a project for example) for the betterment of your life in general or a particular aspect of your life.  What you do with your promise once it is made is where the deviations start.  (Aren’t promises made to be broken too?)

My solution? Don’t just make a promise, commit to it.  I use a “contract with yourself” in the HappyGuide (free to all my subscribers!) as a start and i continue with offering techniques to make sure you have the tools to stick to your commitment.  A promise is easy to make but it requires effort to be kept.  Don’t use the word resolution and lose track of it within days… commit to your promise to yourself and you will be amazed at what you can do!

When you know and understand the benefits of sticking to your commitment, when you give yourself a chance to follow through with your resolution for a certain length of time (at least 21 days to form a habit), when you persevere and especially when you have the help of individuals (or to support you through your endeavours, you have the opportunity to reach your objective! All you have to do is try. Give yourself that chance this year!

This year, no more resolutions!
Commit to change!
Commit to sticking to your goals on the path of The New Happy Me!


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