NO to Bullying: Madonna talks.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Today I read a Facebook post from a friend linking to the Ellen and Madonna interview about bullying.
I was inspired by it.
Madonna mentioned this golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

How important it is to talk to our kids and explain to them that nobody is in a position to judge, to say that someone is different or doesn’t fit in.  If I don’t want someone else to judge me, then I should not judge myself. Staying away from judgment allows us to free ourselves of negative vibes, to live in harmony with our peers.  If I judge, I am basically saying that it is okay to judge me, as Madonna put it. Would I like that? If not… think twice.

As adults, we consider some individuals as “different” from society’s “norm” but isn’t this ultimately desirable? If we were all the same, like clones, where would new ideas come from, where would we have innovation, creativity, artistic expressions, opinions and more? We should all be different and unique.  Race, color, gender, sexual preference, what I wear, where I live, what I drive… Different should be embraced.

Imagine a world where people live by the Golden Rules of love, where differences make a whole, where inspiration comes from sharing and translates into building in unison. How happy that world would be…

We don’t have to imagine big as every change starts with little steps. Here is Madonna’s challenge to us:  Stay away from gossip.  Gossiping gives a rush but leaves you empty after. So why bother when staying away from it can actually free up tremendous valuable time in your day!  Making this little change in your life is definitely a ToDo in The New Happy Me path PLUS it will set a tremendously valuable example for the next generation!

Thanks Madonna!
I’m up for the challenge. Are you? ;)


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