New Year’s Resolutions – Starting with Gratitude.

Gratitude is an element in Goal Setting that I think we often forget, yet such an important part of succeeding in the achievement of our dreams!

Goal Setting, as observed superficially, is a combination of wants and desires, of needs and requirements for a better life. The question is what will make things better, the Goal becomes the answer to strive for. Where does Gratitude fit in?

Answer: everywhere!

And not just at Thanksgiving!!

Goal Setting should include an element of Gratitude every step of the way, through milestones, steps and baby steps. Every time you celebrate a breakthrough or an achievement, Gratitude should be the sweet topping of that fine cake!

I will add to this though that you New Year’s Resolutions, as with any Goal you set for yourself, should also START with Gratitude.

How can you do that?


Be grateful for who you are today. It is after all because of who you are today, that you are working on achieving your Dream.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!


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