New Year’s Resolutions – Out of your Comfort Zone

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” Brian Tracy, Speaker and Leader in Personal and Professional Development.

When I first start thinking of what I want, the transformation that will make a huge difference in my life, I usually get very excited about the opportunity and the potentially wonderful outcome that awaits me on the other side. I realize there is a Path to follow, but the Dream actually feels reachable. My eyes sparkle and it is the only thing I talk about for days!

Then something happens… reality hits… fears surface… I feel uncomfortable… How am I going to do this? Has this happened to you?

Actually taking that first step on this unknown Path, even if it is the way to reach that wonderful Dream, takes me past my Comfort Zone.

Am I sure I want this? I second guess myself, almost forgetting the first excitement at the thought of the outcome. These emotions can easily break me down to dropping the whole idea. I have to be sure this IS what I want, what I REALLY want for me.

Can I do this? I look at the Path and I get overwhelmed. How will I get through all this? I then look at the Milestones I need to reach and I break down the Path to include some pit stops. Each Milestone can then be broken down into Steps and Baby Steps. Smaller bite size goals make it easier to handle… Maybe I can do this…

Getting out of my Comfort Zone - I get out of my Comfort Zone one Step or Baby Step at a time. With each item on my to-do list, I push my belief that I can do this. With each Step and Baby Step, I allow myself to get more and more comfortable, pushing my Comfort Zone out wider and wider… WOW! That feels amazing!! Soon it becomes second nature to keep stepping out and getting comfortable on the Paths once unknown…

Before dropping your next project, re-read this article and stick to taking that first step out of your comfort zone.
In January, I will be offering LIVE Webinars, open to a maximum of 10 readers each only, to help you work on stepping out of your Comfort Zone. Your investment in time and energy will be SO worth it!! You DESERVE to reach your DREAM!!


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