New Year’s Resolutions – Off your Butt please!!

and move away from your comfort zone!

Today, for a Monday morning, start of a brand new week and technically only a month away from the New Year, I want to push you out of your comfort zone!

Yes I know… taking it easy on your favourite armchair, computer desk chair, coffee shop seat or even your bed is sooooo comfortable. But that’s not where your dreams will come true!

So GET OFF YOUR BUTT PLEASE and move away from your comfort zone!!

You deserve wonderful transformations in your life and you deserve to spend energy and time on this.
What are you waiting for?

Think of the one change in your life you REALLY want.
If you are comfortable now without it, how long will you remain comfortable? Be honest.
If you stick around your comfort zone and not make a move out at all to reach that goal, how happy will you be next year, five years from now, ten years from now? Be honest with yourself. Is staying in your comfort zone really an option for you? Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine what staying in your comfort zone will look like for you in the future.

When I started making my decisions, I knew for sure that not doing anything was DEFINITELY NOT an option. I had to at least try by taking the first steps. The alternative looked rather awful from this angle, health issues, problems with my children, financial ruin… No way would I want to stick to my comfort zone knowing that would be my future.

How amazing it was to get out my comfort zone and see what I can accomplish, one baby step at a time. With each success, I celebrated, I was happy to have discovered new options. I continue to celebrate as I push my comfort zone further out. The adventure and outcome have been beyond what I had imagined for myself and the experience itself was and is still so enriching!

So what is your story?

Are you dreaming of feeling lighter on your feet with 30 pounds less to carry around?
Look into diets and fitness programs that suit your lifestyle and talk to some friends about it.
You really have nothing to lose (but pounds!!)

Are you dreaming of living smoke-free and breathing cleaner air for healthier lungs?
Look into programs that may help you stop smoking and make some calls.
Talk to friends and your family for support. You will see how your loved-ones will encourage you.

Are you dreaming of entrepreneurship?
Check out business opportunities, online or offline courses, work on a business plan and speak to friends who may help you on your endeavour.  A good network of supporters is always good to have!

Are you dreaming of buying your first home with your spouse?
Call a mortgage broker or your bank for an appointment to review your financial requirements, make a statement of your assets and plan for what will be needed to reach your goal. You can do it!

Whatever it is that you are dreaming of, just GET OFF YOUR BUTT and take that first step!
Moving away from your comfort zone will feel SO GOOD!


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