New Year’s Resolutions – Making Accountability work for you.

Accountability may initially sound like a heavy and scary word but in reality, it only hides a lot of power. Use it right and it will be your partner for success!

Accountability is one of the words I used yesterday in my Ask Carmen! Video. I have made Accountability my friend. I let it help me in putting my plan of action to action. My Coach laughs at how I have made this a habit, but she fully acknowledges the fact that it really works!!

You can hold yourself accountable to a large fan base like me (I post a promise of what’s coming up on facebook) or you can simply hold yourself responsible in front of a single person. One or many, they are relying on you and you don’t want to let them down! Use this to your advantage. Give yourself that nudge or push you need to get things done, on time!

As an entrepreneur, I like working with my Coach as we plan for my next steps together. We also establish my assignments together. These make me accountable to her. The following week, it is my job to have gotten those items on my to do list crossed out. I have to report back to my Coach. And you know what? It may sound rigid but it is totally to my advantage because this is how I move forward so steadily!! The benefits to me are tremendous!

If you want this type of support with Accountability, check Need Assistance? in the menu. I am here to support you on your Path!!


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