New Year’s Resolutions made REAL through ACCOUNTABILITY!


Okay, so what does this word have anything to do with your personal Goals and New Year’s Resolutions? EVERYTHING!

This is the word that makes you do the things you have established as the must dos on your Action Plan. At first I didn’t think Accountability would play such  huge role in the accomplishment of my Goals, but I soon noticed I was underestimating its powers.

In recent weeks and more-so in recent days, I have been appreciating the value of Accountability in the Goals and Milestones I have set for myself…

  • I have announced my first ever TNHMe event to be held on the 19th of November to friends, colleagues, on facebook, on the venue’s front door and facebook page. My mom has even been telling all her friends about it.  Okay so that means there is no turning back!!
  • I will continue announcing milestones as I move forward, online and offline, to make sure I deliver. Even when I get cold feet, I still have to continue facing my fears and tackling the challenges.
  • I have been working with not one but 3 coaches to make sure I create assignments for myself and produce results within the timeline I set myself. My coaches are also my cheerleaders! I get excited about going back with news of another assignment completed and we celebrate together!
  • I now have a serious deadline that increases the level of responsibility towards myself and my family and motivates me to make my projects come to fruition. There is a sense of urgency here yet knowing this is what I truly want, I just persevere to make it all as real as can be!

These are the means I have used to made myself Accountable recently. These are the ways I have found to make sure I take the steps required to move forward. No lazying around, no hesitation facing challenges, just a constant movement forward to make sure I achieve my Goal.

The wonderful thing about Accountability is that you end up celebrating all the steps with your friends too! The level of excitement and motivation shoots up and you can taste the sweetness of success! You have to try it!!



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