New Year’s Resolutions – Let me set the example…

I am going to be a good example for my readers today!  I am officially stepping away from my comfort zone!

I have done it many times before, so I know it works. It doesn’t make this step less scary, but it is just as exciting!!  When I want to move forward but something holds me back, I usually question myself: Do I believe I can do this? If the step is cut down to bite size and I can technically do it, I simply have to change my belief to say: YES I can!

So I close my eyes (okay not literally!) and I do it!

Yesterday I accomplished two major steps and I held myself accountable by posting them both on facebook. So now it’s out there, I cannot retract!! I’ve been wanting to increase my interaction with readers but didn’t know where to start… The technical stuff, codes, buttons, etc required some looking into, plugging in and testing… But I finally put a plan down on paper, I worked on each element in priority sequence and got the most important (and easiest to start with) done!

1) Ask Carmen!  is revamped: Ask me a question about Happiness, Goal setting and achieving and I will post the answer in video format every Friday. One question will be chosen each week and, if requested, I can keep it anonymous. Isn’t this exciting?? There, I said it, I won’t go back on my word… So now it’s your job to keep me busy with your questions!

2) Need Assistance? is now here: I’ve been wanting to offer services to my international readers but couldn’t quite get started on it. There will be a few more fun and exciting services to come in the next few weeks, including video series and webinars, but I REALLY wanted to start creating the “Need Assistance?” page for my readers right away! I couldn’t wait to get organized on the rest, so I went ahead with a page to offer One on One Coaching to start. Check it out by clicking on Need Assistance? in the menu above for details. I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with my readers one on one!

As mentioned, there will be more to come! (I am setting a good example again here by making myself accountable for steps I will take shortly!) I will create exclusive work groups of a maximum of 10 readers to join me on live webinars at prescheduled times for 10 weeks. There will be a choice of times to accomodate for the different time zones and each guest will receive a workbook to follow. This is amazing for those of you who find information to set and achieve goals but never actually put them to action. Together, we will help each other move forward with support, networking, encouragement and accountability! (more info under Need Assistance?)

The way I see it: I am making myself available to my readers, to provide personalized service not readily available elsewhere! The benefits to my readers are tenfold at prices so unbelievably low, I can’t even believe it! But I want to do this because my main purpose is to create this community, to give value and receive the satisfaction of making a difference for a better world!

If you are thinking (or will be thinking) of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2012… consider TheNewHappyMe and join me on this wonderful Journey!


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