New Year’s Resolutions – I Want with Passion…

Therefore my Challenges will melt away.

I want to come back to the subject of “Want” vs “Should” or “Need to” as these relate to Challenges.

I have noticed through my projects, especially TNHMe, that Wanting with Passion has been the top drive in pushing me forward. Money, career change, work/life balance and family time have all been important, but they could have easily been motivators for any other direction or project I may have embarked on. TNHMe was born through the very special Wanting with Passion.

TNHMe has not been all smooth sailing. There have been multiple Challenges along the way. There still are. Just this weekend (and still this morning) I was facing doubts and frustrations related to the business aspect of my project. Yet, while lying in bed, before I opened my eyes, amidst the negative vibes, a thought came to me: I want to do this because I love what I am doing. That alone shifted my mindset and made me want to get up and tackle my day.

So I got up only to see a window blaring white of snow. First snow of the season. This one won’t melt away. It’s here to stay. My son was ecstatic. I wasn’t. To him, it means play. To me, it equals shoveling. Another challenge.

I took Alex to school and when I got back, I just decided to go ahead and face it. Knowing that I would then go back in, take a hot shower, grab a hot coffee and get to work, made the thought of the chore just a bit more digestable.

So I shoveled away, the dogs playing around me. It wasn’t so bad after all. I came back in, my boots covered in snow, melting on the ceramic floor. In the same way, the challenge had melted away. I was now back in, ready to start the work that I love and Want to do with Passion, one step at a time.

What are your Challenges today? Do you face these because you really don’t want to do the things you are doing? Imagine really Wanting to do something with Passion… How do you see yourself jumping the hurdles when you love the path? These are big questions. Take the time to think and write about them. You may come up with some wonderful answers for your Path of Happiness and for your upcoming New Year’s Resolutions.


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