New Year’s Resolutions – Choosing a diet: Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo.

Deciding to lose weight must be THE #1 New Year’s Resolution, at least in North America. Not only do we stuff ourselves over the Holidays, making the need to shed the pounds more obvious in the New Year, we are also obsessed with slim figures, bikini fashions for women and sexy muscles for men year-round!

So when January 1st rolls around, we decide to go on a diet.

There is a HUGE industry to support us on our goal too!

Diet programs, memberships, food products, meds and so many books and DVD packages to choose from!! Where do you start? You start by what you heard on TV or what your friend recommended! That’s where you start! And you hope that the roller coaster ride will stop with this one once and for all. Yeesh!

Healthy weight comes with a lifestyle, not a diet (nor an exercise bootcamp of 10 wks). Diets don’t work unless they fit YOU and unless they include the many elements that make a healthy mind, body and soul: a good choice of healthy foods, proper exercise, sufficient sleep, reduced stress are to be considered as part of the whole balance.

We often forget this and follow the latest trend in diets. I never even had a serious weight issue, but over the years, I myself tried a few of the programs out there to shed the 10 or so pounds I wanted off. I hadn’t realized until recently, how I was messing up my body and my life balance.

While in University, I used to work full time. Needless to say, I lead a hectic life even though I had no life. I would drink shakes as meal replacements and would have a healthy dose of caffeine (with 5 sugars per cup of coffee) to stay awake and write my essays. Soon enough, my bones were sticking out and I started an all day morning sickness syndrome…. I didn’t know it but I had become severely hypoglycemic. Time to change the diet…

A few years later, within the comfortable setting of matrimony and after the birth of two children, I put on a few extra pounds. The relationship with my husband was already shaky, so I decided to lose some weight. After trying some cleansing products, I took on this New Year’s Resolution around the time of “no carb” diets. I tried it and it worked wonders! I went back to being underweight in no time!! This time I heard someone ask if I was sick or anorexic…. All I was doing was cutting carbs from my diet!!  Did I have to change my diet again??

Now with divorce proceedings on my plate, two young children, a demanding job and no money, I became a nervous wreck. I kept the weight off but I was losing my health and life balance. I often forgot to eat, my stove was a decorative item in the kitchen and my mom would have us over for supper daily to make sure I ate. It was a good thing school fees included lunch for the kids!

During this entire time, I never paid attention to persistent, mild, yet bothersome symptoms; intestinal issues, bloating, headaches, night vision impairment, knee pains, dizziness, yeast infections, lack of concentration… they all seemed to be linked to stress. Even when I tried to eat well, the symptoms persisted. Given my stressful lifestyle, I thought I just needed to live with it. Things changes when my son got diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance 2 years ago.

I thought I was going to lose it. How would I manage this diet?? With the support of family and friends, I started cooking. I had to follow a strict menu for my son, but I didn’t want to make separate meals for everyone, so I chose to have the whole family try the same diet, as much as possible. My decision became my life saver! Finally a diet that worked for me! I had to try it to believe it.

It wasn’t trendy, still isn’t. It is extremely difficult to commit to. It takes tremendous discipline. But I did it because it worked for me. All my symptoms disappeared, all of them! I am also keeping a very healthy weight. I have recovered so much in fact that I feel more alert, productive and alive! I have done more for myself in one year than I could have in ten before. The Gluten Free diet simply worked for me.

Deciding to try a diet as a New Year’s Resolution should not be an Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo. It takes some research into the idea behind the diet, what it truly consists of and why, the benefits to be expected and if those fit YOU primarily. Along with the diet (to lose, gain or even maintain a healthy weight), a proper fitness program should also be considered for a healthier balance. Remember that this should be a lifestyle choice for you. Stick to it for 21 days and it becomes a habit. Continue for 6 months and it becomes part of you!



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