New Year’s Resolutions – Challenges not included

The title came to me from reading all the electronic toy boxes; batteries not included. Of course, the writing is in smaller print at the bottom corner somewhere. I have learned to look for it given that I don’t like surprises! I usually do the same for Resolutions.

When I make up my mind about my New Year’s Resolution, or any Goal I decide to set for myself, I start preparing myself for possible Challenges. Resolutions don’t come turnkey!! I have to check into elements I will need to make sure everything runs smoothly.

This is where I make a Statement. I state the possible Challenges that I may face along the way. I then categorize them in two columns: “I can handle” & “Someone else can handle for me”. If a Challenge does not fit in either column, I may be dreaming in Technicolor and that’s a problem. Otherwise I continue… Let me explain.

Over the course of a Goal Path, Challenges will arise. I will either have all the strengths, qualifications, resources or assets to handle them myself, or I won’t.

If I have everything I need to handle a Challenge, even if it requires some adjustment, some learning, some creativity or some support, I can feel confident that I will be able to manage and face the Challenge head on.

If I feel I don’t have what it takes to handle the Challenge, my next option is to Delegate. This means that I will trust someone else to come in to help me out, as a paid service or not, depending on the situation.

For Challenges that I cannot plug under either header, that gives me the idea that the Goal itself may have to be reviewed. Otherwise, if I move along, I may have an unpleasant surprise with a Challenge I may have difficulty with. Although I don’t need to Ditch the idea altogether, I am at least better prepared for possible setbacks. This way, I also don’t get discouraged along the way, with a Challenge I deem too big and difficult to face.

No matter what the Resolution you decide to stick to, there will probably be some Challenges to overcome. Having an idea of what they may be ahead of time is a great way to prepare yourself and increase the chances of success!




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