Never Underestimate the Power of Decluttering

Yesterday I somewhat touched the subject of getting organized by clearing out clutter. This was to allow our mind to get some rest once the clean-up is done. I think this topic needs further explanation.

Consider this: you have a pile of open envelopes with bills to pay on your coffee table. You know you have to take out the invoices one by one, pay them and put them away in your cabinet. You’ve been too busy (or lazy), putting this off for a while. Yet every time you see the pile, it upsets you. Your mind is not at ease… You think of the possible penalties for late payment. Forget about giving your mind some rest now… Your situation is just deteriorating on a daily basis. All you need to do is take care of it once and for all.

Getting rid of that pile will be the first step, then coming up with a system to prevent such a pile from forming again will be the next.  That’s what I did today on Day 2 of my week off.  My work is not complete but I’m almost there. I still have a lot of boxes to clear but at least all my paperwork is in order and I know Iwon’t be looking for documents come fiscal year end!

The point is we don’t realize to what extent our piles, our extra “stuff” and messy clutter, drain us every single day. They relay a negative message to our brain, reminding us of things not yet accomplished, of memories we would rather forget, of some form of shame for not being perfect. These messages prevent our mind from feeling rested.  Decluttering is the only solution.

Now don’t get stressed over clearing out your entire home. My motto is start small. Baby steps will take you a long way. Start with one box, or one drawer… move up to one closet or one (small) room. Take your time to do this right. Shuffling things around is cheating. Decluttering is truly clearing out. More to come on techniques of decluttering. I think this is important enough to write a few posts on.

Once this physical clean-up is done, you will also notice how the mind, now at rest, is better able to think clearly. Some form of decluttering also occurs in the mind. This is extremely useful in times when you have to make calculated decisions, when you are studying or when you want to get creative. A mind at rest can do wonderful things! Try it!

P.S.: Send me your comments and your stories. We can share online and help each other get through these little hurdles! :)


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