My New Year’s Resolutions: I want…

This week I want (lol) to spend some time on the words I WANT.

These two special words are very close to the theme of New Year’s Resolutions for very strong reasons.

#1 – I, YOU, this individual, this person with unique desires, needs, dreams…

#2 – WANT, desire, hope for, dream of, are meant to experience in this lifetime…

Put the two words together and we cringe!


It sounds so selfish and childish to say I WANT doesn’t it? We are conditioned to think that I WANT are words uttered by spoiled brats!

Yet taken individually, I and WANT are real and they are very closely related to the things that will bring happiness to your life. They should also then be very closely related to your next New Year’s Resolutions.

What do the words I WANT mean to you? Do you consider them to have a negative connotation? Why is that? How do you think you can transform the meaning of I WANT to make it positive for you? How can it become a phrase that simply signifies what you desire on your Path for Happiness?

Let me add this food for thought: It is by getting what YOU WANT that you will be energized to give your loved ones what THEY WANT. It is all positive when you think of it that way!


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