My New Years Resolutions Guide 2012

New Years Resolution TipsNovember and December are New Year Resolution prep months here at The New Happy Me. New Years Resolutions are all about setting new goals and getting the tools ready for achieving our dreams.

If you are looking for quick tips and ideas on how to decide on your New Years Resolutions and how to increase your chances of success in achieving them, you’re at the right place! is filled with amazing articles, suggestions from experts and stories to inspire you. This guide will help get you started.


How to make a New Years Resolution

Even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference! What small transformation can you decide to commit to in 2012 that might change your life?  Decide on what you really want for yourself, not what you should or need to do. What is the next level of comfort you are trying to reach in your life? See what an expert says about self-care for the New Year. Create a Vision Board to see what images speak to you, what outcomes will make you happy.


How to keep a New Years Resolution

There are many techniques available to put all the chances on your side. You will have to see what works best for you. Ideally, use all of them!! Use your Vision Board to set your New Years Resolution goals and milestones. Work with a Journal to write down all your ideas. Use the services of a Coach (or a friend or colleague) to make yourself accountable for your next steps moving forward toward your goal, always work with ToDo lists, updating them weekly, whether you create them digitally or manually in a Journal. These are some suggestions you can use for your New Years Resolutions and beyond for any Goal you want to achieve throughout the year.


Help your kids with their New Years Resolutions

Learning should be fun, so explore your New Years Resolutions for kids and teens through activities. Make Vision Board creating a Family project! I have been doing it for 10 years now and my kids love it! Check out our video from Jan 4, 2011.  You can also teach your kids to write or draw in a Journal to express their feelings and to solve problems through creativity. Try going for a walk to re-energize, to connect with nature and your family! There are so many ways to share your knowledge and quality time with your children.

Children learn by observing. Set the right example and teach them well by giving them the tools to succeed in life. All the tips you are using to achieve your goals will also be useful to your children. John Lennon said: “When I Grow up I want to be happy!” and you want your kids to say the same.


Most importantly, make your decision and start moving forward!

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