My Movement is Movement

Yesterday, I came face to face with the Universe’s way of slapping a reality to… yes… my face!

My schedule is incredibly packed these days and I try to put aside some time, mostly late afternoons, for my children. At precisely 8PM, I lock myself up to work on my daily post and the Daily Hint of Happiness, every single day.  They have gotten used to this routine, and although they hate it, they realize it’s what I need to do. They organize themselves to get ready for bed before that time and wind down for the night when I go into my zone. I am grateful for that.

Three days ago, I got an email invitation to participate in the live web-cast of a seminar by Suzanne Evans, Business and Life Coach. I had never heard of her, she didn’t look like the spectacularly glamorous successful type you’d be compelled to follow at first sight either, but she had an energy I couldn’t resist. Something told me to just register for it. It was free after all. I had nothing to lose. I would need to take an extra hour from the children’s time, but they would understand.

Ya right!

From the dentist to the hairdresser, I was 20 minutes late to the web-cast and I thought Geeze, I missed a third already! I opened the computer and started following the speech. The kids were rowdy to say the least, they were not cooperating. I had to listen though, something told me I had to stick to this. It turned out the seminar lasted 2 hours and I ended up not missing too much. I asked the children to hold a little longer… it was tough but the message was worth it.

The Universe completed my circle in one question.

Suzanne asked a question to the audience (and to me). What angers you? She said to answer that and to find the solution. The solution would be my movement. The movement is my mission. The mission, along with my life story, will be my life’s work.

What an ah-ha moment!

What angers me is inaction; complaining incessantly, draining energy on inaction instead of using energy to actually do something, anything.  I have done this myself and I see it in others too.

My solution: Action. Baby steps.

Exactly what I have been working on and writing about recently.

My mission. My movement. My offer to my readers.

I have been through countless struggles in my life and my story is filled with inaction followed by action. I know what I’m talking about! I’ve been there, done that and still doing that! I’ve learned my lesson. Baby steps to action help out of inaction and they are ESSENTIAL to life. There is no learning and growing without baby steps to action. There is no life without action.

Of course, you can take a leap of faith!

But I don’t want to do that and I don’t suggest it to you unless you are a daredevil. We all have fears, we all have a history, we all have reasons to avoid risk. Baby steps to action help start the momentum into our movement forward, slowly but surely.

I have known this all along. My recent thoughts and posts have been surfacing this truth. The Universe had to give me clarity glasses to see the message once and for all.  My mission, my movement. My life’s work. The Universe has a funny way of bringing it all together… I can see It smiling upon me. Finally, she got it!

Here I start the weekend with a new image of myself. Suchlike a bonsai, maybe small to the Universe, I am grounded in my story and I flourish, offering my flowers to the world, to you.

I hope you will join me on this amazing  journey.

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