My life dream; my ideal life.

The identification of your dream is primary to being able to reach for it. Seems quite logical, doesn’t it? Yet in the hustle and bustle of our lives, we seem to forget this elementary fact and we end up striving for this and that and everything that comes along our path.  It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. We often give up after pursuing on an everlasting and exhausting journey.

Yesterday, when I thought and wrote about winning a million bucks as a facilitator to reach my dream, I said WOW, here’s a great exercise to identify what could really make me happy.  So if you received a million bucks today, what would be your first thoughts?

Writing about this in your Journal is a great way to discover your deep feelings about what would really make you happy. At first thought, you might come up with material things, items to purchase to bring some happiness to yourself or to see the smiles around you as you offer gifts to loved ones. Then you might think of experiences, things you would like to do such as going on a trip or trying something you’ve always wanted to try, like skydiving. When you dig deeper, you will start to think of longer term projects that the money will allow you to accomplish. These will get you closer to identifying your life dream.

Your life dream is something that will make you feel completely satisfied with your life. It is the one thing that will fulfill you to the point where all else will just fall into place. It’s the outcome of a path where you have discovered yourself, your relationship with others and your purpose.  When you reach this ultimate goal, you get so much from your life that you have plenty to give. It’s your ideal life, what we all strive for even though we may yet have no clue what it is.

Identifying your life dream by taking a step back to think about it will clarify your path. There is no better way to start working on a goal than by identifying it!  Give yourself that gift by taking an hour to think and write in your Journal.

Let me know how the exercise turns out.


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2 Responses to “My life dream; my ideal life.”

  1. Carmen Marie says:

    That’s a great way of seeing it.
    I never even thought of return on investment of the million.

    I think the idea of investment is key in both our ideas though because material objects we generally think of purchasing with a winning of this kind, will rarely bring happiness (do I dare say NEVER!) yet investing the money to do something of value with it is worth so much more.

    Investing the money to live comfortably at $5000 a month is one way, allowing your children and grandchildren to benefit as well, investing in a dream business is another, permitting a life of work with passion so rarely accessible to most people.

    Either way, I believe the exercise allows us to think deep to see what we really would love to do in life and to strive for it, whether the million bucks is handed to us or not!

  2. Peter Wright says:

    Winning a million dollars would be wonderful.

    1 mil invested carefully would generate about $5000 a month without eroding the capital. Many people overlook this fact.That’s why so many lottery winners blow it all in a short time.

    The reality is that for most people an income of $5000 a month would enable them to live a great life.

    We have promised ourselves that if we ever come into any amount of money over $50 000, half of it will be invested in a trust so that neither we, our kids or grandkids can ever touch the capital, only the income.

    Thanks Carmen, a good reminder.

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