My frustrations while working on my plans

I acknowledge the fact that I put a lot of emphasis on work. Some may call me a workaholic. I take great pride in my work, whether it is my job or my personal projects. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail at what I try. I try to always learn from my experiences and work on improving my situation each time. It has worked out well so far. My successes have definitely multiplied!

Recently, I have been stalling on one issue that I am having a very hard time with. REST… as some of my readers know.

I had some health issues and although I am completely fine, everyone around me keeps pushing me to put work aside and get solid rest. According to them, I need a whole week off, away from everything, blackberry, emails, computers, work related phone calls, etc. A few hours, or even just a day would not be enough. I understand what they are saying, and I know it comes with concern for me. I love them all dearly for their attention.

Considering my accumulated fatigue, I think I would need way more than just one week. There is only one problem. My work, whether for the development of my career or my personal projects, is what pushes me towards my Life Dream (not to mention that we are also talking about my livelihood, working to support two children as mother and father…) I need to continue working on this path to get closer and closer to the life I dream of, the life where there is much greater balance between work and play. So is it not reasonable to think that I need to sacrifice my rest today, for a much better life tomorrow?

My frustrations also lie on the fact that I realize I need some rest to make sure my body and mind are in good enough health to continue to work, to reach the objective and be able to enjoy it once achieved. So how can I get enough rest for my health, without feeling like I am putting my work on the back burner? This is what I have been working on lately.

Your issues may be very different but if you learn one thing from this I will tell you – know what your Life Dream is and never stop working for it, NEVERTHELESS you have to keep in mind that the journey is as important, if not more important, than your destination. You must learn to live a balanced life on your path, working hard while enjoying and loving every moment, with and for yourself and your loved ones.


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2 Responses to “My frustrations while working on my plans”

  1. Carmen, if you won’t allow yourself a week of rest, can you take 1 hour and turn everything off. Start with baby steps . I have similar problems with the same thing and baby steps are better than nothing. go where you can be in or see nature.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Jeanne, it’s so funny, I just finished tomorrow’s post and that is exactly what I wrote. It took a walk in the woods to reground myself! Just like you recommended!! :)

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