My Experience with Vision Boards

Ten years ago I went to a workshop with my husband, my brother and my cousin. The workshop was about getting ready for the New Year and part of it was creating a Vision Board (the organizer called it Mandala back then). My cousin and I quickly saw a merit to this exercise. Needless to say, the men were having fun joking around during the entire time (although now they see some merit to this too!!).

That year, I wanted to become more of a family and settle down further with my husband. We had our daughter and I was ready for another child. So my Vision Board was filled with images helping me visualize a home, love, a happy environment and of course a baby (I had a pregnant belly at the bottom right, the last thing I would see each time I would check back to my Vision Board during the year).

As the year went by, I didn’t think much of my Vision Board, I would see it once in a while and dream of the things I wanted… It wasn’t much, but I still had quasi goals for myself. At the end of the year, when I decided to do a new Vision Board, I reviewed the old one only to notice I had actually fulfilled a lot of what I wanted in a very general way. The one thing I was clear on with a very graphic image, getting pregnant, had come true as well!

Over the next years, I noticed that the clearer I got on my wishes, goals and images, the better the chances of  realizing my dreams. I also noted that the Vision Board allows you to see open doors. Things don’t just fall on your lap. Instead, you find opportunities that lead you to decisions that will eventually help you realize your dream.  Here is a story that will have you believing in the power of Vision Boards.

A few years ago, after a messy separation with my husband, I was still living in our home, trying to sell to split the profit and move on. It wasn’t working. I was too stuck in my anger. The house had been on the market for 6 months already and I was rolling in debt by the time Christmas Eve rolled around. The children were with their father, I usually had anxiety attacks when they were gone, I wasn’t in a good place… I decided to make the best of it anyway, I made myself supper, I poured a glass of wine, sat in front of my gorgeous fireplace I would dearly miss, and started working on a Vision Board. It was the best decision I ever made. It renewed my belief that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

On that evening, I pasted images of a nice apartment with a lot of windows, tan walls and red sofas and a jacuzzi bath with candles to visualize relaxed mind and body.  The new home to start over was my main objective that year. I had few images on a big board but I knew that if I had one goal to achieve it was THAT goal. Nothing else mattered that year.

By mid-year after holding open houses every second weekend, I changed our real estate agent. The new one recommended some quick fixes to make the house more sell-able, she brought in several serious visitors, and finally the house sold with a decent profit in August for December 1st occupancy.   Now I had to find an apartment. Given the cash I would get from the house, I didn’t think I would have trouble finding a good one. I was wrong…  After a lot of research, opting out of buying a condo for various reasons, I visited a beautiful 5 1/2 on a waterfront, in a 20 story 3-building complex with a pool and although I am not the apartment type at all, it was nice, roomy, had lots of windows and was well suited for the children. I thought it would be perfect for a one-year transition to help me re-energize and start over. I thought: This is it! The next day, a month before my moving day, I got refused for bad credit. The contract for the sale of my house was useless!

What was I to do now? Can’t get a condo so quickly, forget a house, finding an apartment as a single mom with two kids will be impossible… I couldn’t quit. I wouldn’t let life thow me such a curveball. I wanted my red sofas and tan walls!! I searched some more and I found an ad from an individual subletting her apartment. It wasn’t what I was looking for but I had to try it. I was running out of time.  I ended up at a huge house right on the river. The top level was converted to an apartment. I thought Okay I could give this a try. I met with the lady, I visited the apartment: all windows overlooking the river and the park on the other side, clean tan walls, open concept huge all white kitchen and… a jacuzzi!! All it needed was a set of red sofas!!

My living room and reading corner

My living room and reading corner

My jacuzzi

My jacuzzi

My white kitchen

My white kitchen

My view

My view

I signed right away! I ended up staying there for a year and a half, long enough to re-energize to start over again, just as I had envisioned on my Vision Board! I still smile at the thought of how the wrong doors closed and the right ones opened just as I needed them to! 

Fast forward 5 more years, I couldn’t be happier. I am always growing and moving forward using my annual Vision Boards to focus on my next goals. In the last few years, making Vision Boards has become a family project planned sometime between Christmas and the first week of the New Year.  My ex-husband apparently does one with the children as well!! 

This tradition represents a very powerful tool and important part of my life. I want to give my children the opportunity to try it too and see for themselves if it will help them reach their goals year after year.

I hope you have or will give it a try too!


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