My dream, my purpose, my goals, my wealth.

My biggest dream has always been to work with people and for people, particularly women. As a girl who has grown in a traditionally male dominated culture, as a woman who has been thrown some interesting curves in life, I have been very attracted to the idea of empowering women to allow them (and myself) to do great things, the things they dream of.  Of course, my work may very well help men as well… but simply, my dream has always been linked to my own experience as a woman.

Until recently I didn’t realize how passionate I needed to get about my dream. It kept boiling in me but never materialized into becoming a purpose. I was due for a big shock and disappointment though. Once I brought it up to the surface and I started building my desire to pursue it, it became this HUGE overwhelming thing, a dream so unreachable, I blocked at the thought of it.

Does this sound familiar? Is this the path you have been on in your quest for wealth and for happiness?
Let’s help each other on this journey… You’ll see how your basic purpose in life will simplify what seemed like an impossible feat!

Here’s my story…

When I created TheNewHappyMe, I offered myself a tremendous opportunity. I opened the door wide to finding my purpose. It was there all along… I was already on the path… but I never realized it.

My basic purpose was to learn and grow. It still is.

The dream was there all along. It still is.

It all meshes to make me move forward… how?

Through my goals.

As I learn and as I grow, my dream starts making more sense.  I clarify my goals as milestones, I plan and I move forward.

As I move forward, as I plan more and achieve more milestones, my dream comes closer to a more reachable distance. I continue to learn and I accept to grow and I move forward… My dream is no longer a dream… it is becoming reality.

Is this your story too?


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    I am so happy for my readers’ contribution to my posts! I LOVE the “Like” button!

    Let me know about your story. Share your thoughts, learn and grow! :)

    With love and happy thoughts,

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