My commitment invites creativity

I am a big fan of Suzanne Evans, Coach for Coaches. She is a no-nonsense type of person and an expression she often uses is “you don’t run out of money, you run out of ideas”.

My posts about commitment aren’t really about making money. Your Life Dream may be completely unrelated. The point I want to make is that your commitment has to be strong when you embark on the journey because it will invite creativity, helping you find the ideas you need to move forward towards your goal, just like ideas will bring in the money according to Suzanne.

In other words, when you commit to living your Life Dream, you will work hard at preparing a plan, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and facing challenges to overcome them. All of these will require not only a lot of your time and energy, but also creativity. You will have to come up with new ideas to help you reach your goal. Commitment will be key in your success.

If the thought of innovation on your path scares you, take a step back and a deep breath… it’s not as bad nor as difficult as you think!

It’s not about inventions, discovery of new methods or venturing onto unknown territory. It’s about looking at your present situation and finding new ways to help yourself accomplish the things you need to accomplish.

Here is my story from about 6 weeks ago to today. I may use humour but I’m not kidding!  This is the type of creativity your commitment will bring into your life.  It may sound crazy but it’s also a lot of fun!

I really wanted to make videos for TheNewHappyMe and I had to plan, get out of my comfort zone and face challenges.  Here are a few of my issues that I solved creatively because I was committed to making it work.

  • I had to make videos in a nice setting that would also offer an appropriate message to my readers/viewers. The video series I was planning was on goal setting. Since I decided to book a vacation with my children, I planned to work on my videos while on vacation. Ta-Dah!
  • I went on vacation with the kids, so I had no cameraman to tape me. I got a camcorder with remote and a small tripod to take with me. Ta-dah!
  • I wanted to start taping a few days into our vacation week, but didn’t know how to start. My mind was still trying to take a few days to rest when we had a rainy day. The kids were having fun watching Spanish TV, so I took advantage of the time to try taping on the balcony. This was a good baby step for me before I pushed my comfort zone to more public areas.  The rain lasted a long while and I probably did over 60 takes, both in French and English. Using the rain as an excuse to work on the balcony got my first video completed! Ta-dah!
  • Getting creative to shoot my videos

    I had to expand my comfort zone to the beach or pool area. What to do..what to do…?  Ah-ha! There shouldn’t be many people around the pool before 7am! There’s my window of opportunity! I planned to wake up early, got ready fast without waking up the kids and ran down to the pool before the pool guy! You see the sun rise through the lighting on me in the video!! No joke!! It was so much fun and I had achieved a new comfort level I was so proud of! Ta-dah!

  • Now I had to find another location. What could be nicer than the beach. I took my son out for a stroll to scout the area for the next morning. The edge of the resorts private beach section was nice, less busy and I would feel safe near the security man. After all, I was planning to be there quite early. It would be deserted and a bit spooky at that time. I didn’t mind having him around wondering what in the world I was up to, talking to a camera on a tripod. By that time, I had gotten used to passers by and pool guys! I shot two videos in both languages the next morning! Ta-dah!
  • When I got back, I spoke with friends and family about it. I was really excited. Speaking with experts, getting info and asking for their feedback will allow me to put together a decent product I will be able to market. So far, the suggestions I have gotten are quite creative, nothing really innovative, but very different from what I would’ve thought of myself.  I am facing this challenge by learning from people who have succeeded in the industry. Getting close to my next Ta-dah and loving it!!

See? No hokus-pokus in getting creative! Your commitment will lead the way!


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