Moving out of my comfort zone for wealth

Every time I take a little step towards my goals, I end up, knowingly or unknowingly, moving out of my comfort zone and spreading it out just a little further each time. As I continue learning and growing, it becomes easier to handle tasks that were previously monstrous for me. Slowly, I start tackling the more difficult jobs and I move forward steadily, leaving my old fears behind and gaining more confidence to fight the fears ahead.

A few days ago, I listened to expert speaker, PJ McClure of The Mindset Maven.  He was the guest speaker on the Internet Money Club webinar, a club I joined to help with building my online business. 

Making money, online or otherwise, involves working hard and always reaching a bit further, closer to the objective, to the dream. Wealth, as you know, is not only about making money either. At the club, we discuss dealing with fear, working with our strengths and weaknesses and other topics related to happiness in finding success.  PJ was invited to speak about our comfort zone vs our belief zone.

I loved PJ’s style. With humour and easy explanations, he gets the message across. PJ spoke to our club members and asked us to watch a video he thought was very relevant to our topic. In this 15 minute video, PJ explains how small steps make moving forward easier, expanding our beliefs and eliminating fear. This is very similar to my baby steps approach, to prevent blocking in front of an overwhelming milestone. I have often written about baby steps to help in achieving goals and I was happy to hear PJ explain the same practical technique in a slightly different way. It helped me discover a new view that complements my approach very well.

The video is available for you to watch on his website. See what PJ tells us about taking small steps into what we may call moving out of our comfort zone, and what he calls expanding our belief zone.

Take 15 minutes for this baby step today. You will see how your understanding of your path towards your dreams will change.

I know it helped me see things a little differently. I hope it will help you too.


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