Making your Statement – Positive and Negative Energies in your life.

In many articles to date, I have mentioned the importance of making a Statement to evaluate your current situation before moving forward.

A Statement for TheNewHappyMe is exactly like a Financial Statement. The assets and liabilities and the general picture it unfolds. Just as Statements are good for business planning, they are tremendously helpful for personal development. In both settings, a Statement will help you see where you stand today.

In all Goal Setting, New Year’s Resolutions, business or personal goals related to whatever area of your life you choose to work on, the “where I am today and where I want to go” question allows you to make a 2-column Statement that easily translates into “what I have and what I want to have”. Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses (also as a 2-column format) will help evaluate the situation to maximize on the positives and elevate the negatives.

So how do we use Statements to work on the Energies that affect our life? Easy. Exactly in the same way, in a 2-column format.

Yesterday, I asked you to start with a simple exercise of visualization, using all your senses. (read the article for more info). Now, take all the information you came up with during that exercise and drop each item down in two columns: #1 Positive Energy (things that uplift you) #2 Negative Energy (things that bring you down).

Once you have finished the list, re-read the Positive side. Is it complete? Can you think of anything else that makes you happy? Feel the joy of including these items in your day, every day. How amazing would it be to include these sources of happiness and positive, uplifting and energizing energies in your life on a regular basis? 

Know that focusing on the positive energies in your life, making sure that they have a solid place in it, will only attract more of the like. A smile will attract more smiles, right? 

Understanding how positive energies already affect your life and how concentrating on them will attract more of the same, will you make a conscious decision to increase the occurrence of these elements in your life? Can this possibly be a New year Resolution for you in 2012?

Next we will look at the Negative Energies and how these will be your challenges. There is so much to talk and write about here!! These very items are the opportunities that have been offered for you to learn and grow!!


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