Making friends with discipline

Discipline is a strong element to include in your plan of action. While you will use your knowledge to put together your plan, you will use discipline to follow through with it. 

Once you accept that discipline is a powerful trait to develop in order to succeed in your goal achievements, you will have to slowly integrate it in your life and lifestyle.

I recently read a quote by Mike Klinger on Facebook. Mike is an info marketer and motivational speaker. He posted that he removed coffee from his diet for 3 weeks and he was going to have just one cup on that day. Then we would refrain from having coffee again for some time.  This type of practice builds your willpower muscles… ”Start with small things and work your way up,” he wrote.

What he is talking about is discipline. I agree that you can start small and work your way up.  Start by cutting down on something you need to eliminate, like junk food or TV, or by adding an activity that you want to include in your routine like a morning stroll as exercise for better health.

Discipline may not be that easy in the beginning.  I’ve had my share of challenges with discipline in the past 18 months, but I quickly learned how results reinforce the behavior and motivate to improve gradually. 

My family had to start a gluten-free diet last year. It is not an easy diet when you consider all the yummy foods you have to eliminate. The basic ingredient (among many others) that you have to give up is wheat.  Keeping my strength and willpower through this diet not only allowed me to feel better and healthier, it also empowered me to tackle other areas of my life where I needed to focus on my path with discipline.

I have also had my challenges with finding balance between my kids, my day job, my projects and my “me” time. It took discipline to organize my time and stick to my schedule. You can’t cheat by taking away from one to give to another. If you give in, you soon create chaos!

Using discipline and willpower, I limited my day job to regular business hours as much as possible, I started finishing work a tad earlier to make it home at a decent time for my kids and I decided to spend the evening with them until 8PM. That’s when TheNewHappyMe gets my attention for about 2 hours a day. In the morning, I send the kids off to school and that’s when I have “me” time before I start my day.

Sticking to this schedule took discipline because it was otherwise easy to deviate. I did it because I really wanted to make this work. I couldn’t afford to have chaos break me, poison my family and stop me from working on my Life Dream.

Being disciplined in both these areas of my life became easier to handle with time, much more than I expected.  In both cases, I needed to succeed and I saw results as I persevered.  

Discipline is now part of who I am. I can’t do without it even though I do sometimes get tempted to take a bite of cake or to juggle schedules around… When I slip, I feel tension from the areas of my life I neglected, usually me or my kids. And that’s no fun. It’s not fair either.

I have learned that discipline not only has the potential of helping me improve many areas of my life, it will also help me reach my goals. Discipline is my friend and companion on TheNewHappyMe path.


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  1. Peter Wright says:

    Good posts on discipline as always Carmen.

    For me, the lesson is the fact that you have now published a post every day for well over 100 days.

    That’s discipline.

    And an inspiration to the rest of us.

    Thank you for your example.

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