Love is the Energy you want in your heart at Christmas!

I take a break from negative energies and energy drainers today to breathe in the wonderful energy of Christmas.

Some of you have already broken dawn into this day of peace and some, like me, are still in the preps of the eve. But we all know that Christmas, at its source, along with many of the holidays celebrated this time of year, comes with an abundance of the special energy we call LOVE.

Put aside the shopping, the big production dinners and the mistletoe, Christmas is all about spreading love and good cheer to those around us, those we already know well and love, and those who cross our path just momentarily.

A smile, a “Merry Christmas”, an advice, a hug, a word of encouragement… your energy from the heart, your love, will go a long way. Make this Holiday special by doing all that you do with a sprinkle of Love.

As I breathe in a wonderful and peaceful smile, I send you all my energy of Love my friends!


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