Looking for Happiness? Look in the Mirror!

In looking for Hapiness, the first step to start on the path is to find the Idea that will become your Goal in your “Do or Do Not” Process (see previous posts and video for details).

For some, this is quite easy. They know which area of their life requires improvement, they canfigure out what steps are required and set of on their Journey.

For others though, it may not be so simple.  If you don’t know where to start, which aspect of your life to work on, if you have too many dissatisfactions and you feel overwhelmed, deciding on and sticking with one Idea isn’t a piece of cake.

I am a big advocate of Journal Writing and I highly recommend it to anybody who needs to do some soul searching to figure things out for the path to Happiness. Writing allows you to dig deep and come out with thoughts kept hidden or shut off completely. Emotions rise and help you discover which areas of your life require the most immediate attention.

However, what happens if you draw a blank? What happens if you are in so much pain and if you are so overwhelmed that the mere thought of writing causes even more anxiety?

I have had moments in the past where I was so lost in my misery, so tired of my struggles, that I felt too weak to search deep within for possible solutions. I was surviving, one day at a time.  What truly helped me back then was to look in the mirror.

This is actually a very difficult exercise, one that may take a few trials. I know I was in tears quite a few times until I really took a look at myself.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you are facing yourself, your truth. You can’t hide. Look at your face, the lines that identify what you are currently going through. They don’t lie.

When I was deep in marital problems, I took a lot of the responsibility upon myself. I was going through abuse without knowing it and this was obviously killing me inside. My face looked old and sad. My cheeks drooped low. I looked numb and wasted. I felt tired and my face reflected just that.

I had no self-esteem either. The way I stood showed no strength, no energy at all. I looked like I was giving up. I felt like something was happening to me and I couldn’t control it.

Seeing myself like that in the mirror made me realize I had to do something. The first step would be to get help. I saw in the mirror that I could not do this alone. The woman I saw in the mirror was too weak to keep fighting on her own. I thought I was going through post-partem depression so I called the local resource center with a request for support relative to that. The rest is history.

Needless to say, that look in the mirror was the first step I needed to get myself on the path to Happiness. Finding the right way, the right Idea to find Happiness can be something very simple yet hard to acknowledge.

If you are having difficulty finding the Idea that will help you find Happiness, try looking in the Mirror first. Take a very good look. And if you can, write what you see in detail in your Journal. This should help you find your path!


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