Looking for Happiness; getting REAL.

In looking for Happiness, when you have written the list of things you would like to add and those that you would like to eliminate from your life, you have to take a step back and review each item.

  1. What items are completely unrealistic? I can’t really give a generic example here because this question is very relative. For the sake of argument, let’s say that for me it would be something like making one million dollars by next week through my website. This is totally unrealistic since the website does not generate any amount and even if I started selling on it today, my timeline is too restrictive.  Let’s delete these unrealistic items.
  2. What items are fluffy and not really conducive to true long term happiness? For example, reaching a goal of owning 1000 pairs of shoes may be considered fluffy, unless it involves a strategic plan to get visibility on a TV Show for a shot at getting noticed for an acting or modeling career opportunity. Let’s delete these fluffy items.
  3. What items are within reach? These are the ones that you can actually think of a plan for. Whether this is for the addition or elimination of an element in your life, you can set a goal to do what needs to be done. These items can be worked on in the short, medium or long term.  They may require a lot of work and investment, but in essence, they can become reality. Making these items come true will contribute to your happiness. We keep these on our list!

Now you have a shortlist to work with… A bit more concise and easy to work with!

These are actionable items, things you can get REAL about to create your path to Happiness!  Stop here and take a deep breath. You made it this far!! If your Journal looks like a workbook, I send you a big hug… great job! If you are still resisting Journal Writing…hmmm I send you a big hug too. Maybe it will give you the right vibes to start!!

I am getting really excited with the progress. Do you feel it too?
We’ll continue tomorrow.


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