Looking for Happiness; am I entitled to change my mind?

In looking for Happiness, is it okay to change your mind on the choice of goal to follow, for the direction itself or the steps to achieve the objective?

Having said that, I still highly encourage to find a way to get comfortable with one direction that you can follow on a longer term on your path.

I know it can get difficult. I myself have been known to change my mind often; I tend to get bored fast or I get annoyed at project developments, so I switch gears and I end up changing direction completely.  I have been working on this…

I recently adopted a more organized way at looking at projects. This helps me keep one direction while I continuously adapt it to fit my needs and desires. Never underestimate the usefulness of your Journal!!

Your Journal is a great tool to help you work on finding and keeping your direction. It allows you to think it out, to choose your objective with a good understanding of the Why, to compare different path options and decide which one is best suited for you at the present.

Of course, over time things can happen obliging you to rethink your direction. There may be emergencies or sometimes just new information that makes you modify your position. This is very normal and it is actually important to adapt your path accordingly. It would seem as though you are changing your mind. In actuality, you are simply deciding to change your path to better fit your situation.

Your Journal is of course a big help in re-evaluating your position. Thinking of your priorities, why you need, want or prefer a certain option over another, how you think the outcome will be beneficial for you, what challenges you may face… These are discussions you can have with yourself in your Journal. They will help you make up your mind to stick with the direction that will help you reach your ultimate objective to find happiness!

In summary, as healthy as it is to take one direction and stick to it when you are moving towards a long term goal, it is just as healthy to change your mind and adapt the direction to make it work for you.  Therefore, in the first stages of your decisions, don’t stress over the long term affects on your life… you’ll probably be changing your mind a few times along the way anyway… Just take it easy and write your thoughts in your Journal to follow your feelings in your present.


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