Listen To Your Body

How many times have you heard the saying “Listen to your body”?  The expression is fundamental in helping yourself keep good health and in preventing future ailments. The concept is to be aware of your body’s reaction to everything. Everything.

I decided to write about this when, as a person who is very conscious of the changes in her body, I noted a change in me that caused some concern. I am generally a very healthy person, I eat very well as per my gluten free diet restrictions, and even though I still do not exercise as much as I should, I hold my ideal weight in a slim figure quite well for my age.  I am extremely conscious to my reaction to foods and I am quite resistant to illness, particularly to viruses; my immune system seems to be relatively strong. This is a little surprising actually considering the high stress levels of my daily routine. In fact stress is possibly the main factor I should be a little more aware of.

Yesterday, in conversation, I got extremely angry. All of a sudden I felt like my legs would give way as I was standing. I had to interrupt the discussion, excuse myself and go to my office to sit. I felt lightheaded and unusually anxious. I wasn’t sure why I reacted so badly. Upon telling this to a friend, I realized I might have had a bout of high blood pressure in my anger. As this is common on my father’s side, it is certainly something to be careful about. Even though nothing on the internet was conclusive about the matter, I believe my body reacted in an effort to give me a message. I need to stop the stress; it is too much to handle.

Listening to your body means noticing changes that tell you whether your body is happy and thriving in reaction to your treatment, or if  your body is hurting because of it.  These changes, big or small, will allow you to direct your actions towards the  direction that will ultimately help you to live a better and healthier life. This little attention to your body will make the big difference on the long run!


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