Life Struggles to Life Dream; it’s all about Hard Work

Today I feel like pouring a bit of my soul out…

You see, my life has been filled with struggles, big and small. I have always had to work hard to get out of tough situations, to prove myself and to advance in whatever situation I found myself in.

I have also attracted the wrong type of people in my life. Although deep down I have always known of myself to be the ambitious type, I lead myself to a number of individuals who challenged my vision and my capabilities.  The weakness in my belief and my commitment to my Life Dream made me susceptible to getting influenced by them, at least to some degree.

And so I struggled, trying to find my path, always working extra hard to stand out from the crowd. Proving to others that I could do it also meant proving it to myself. I had to start believing in my purpose.

Ironically, my divorce gave me my second chance. Now alone, responsible of two young children, I had to make it happen.

At the beginning I felt beat. I felt like not only life had been a struggle up to then, now this was the cherry on the sundae. What it actually became was a blessing in disguise.

Here I was starting from scratch. I had a clean slate. It was my chance to start fresh with the ambition that I had deep inside, that I kept hidden all those years.

Hard Work stayed in my vocabulary, but it took on a different role in my life. Today, Hard Work gets me recognition for my true capabilities, it gives me a chance to be proud and share my pride with my family, it pushes me to believe in myself more and more each day, to stretch my comfort zone further each time. It has given me wings, promotions, assets I didn’t even have when I was part of a couple! I did it on my own! I worked hard for it and it was more than worth it.

The best feeling out of all this, hearing a friend telling me that my daughter puts me on a pedestal, that she views my accomplishments as extraordinary and she wonders how she will live up to my standards. I will tell her one day… mommy wasn’t always like this but she learned to change her life around. You can do that too.

Hard Work doesn’t have to be associated to struggles.
I rather give it that positive twist. It’s more in line with TheNewHappyMe.
Today Hard Work gets me closer and closer to my Life Dream!




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