Letting your writing uplift your spirits

It’s a nice sunny day today, so I want to encourage you to write something nice and sunny! :)

Okay, that’s not exactly where I live… But it does look pretty doesn’t it?
Back to my point!
I want you to find nice things to write about that will uplift your spirits. It could be anything at all.

You are probably looking out the window, watching kids playing in the street, thinking of how nice it is to be carefree, playing with friends, having fun and making the best of every minute of the day.  You want to be able to do that again.

You are probably thinking of a romantic night out with your spouse, after you have arranged to have your 3 kids babysat for the evening. You are anticipating the excitement and the freedom to be out, in loving company just the way you used to be 10 years ago…

You are probably dreaming of the delicious thin crust, authentic wood over pizza with melting gooey mozzarella cheese oozing down the sides of your slice. You are on a trip in Italy trying out all the best restaurants in every city. You’ve been saving up for that trip and the dream is so real! How wonderful will that be!

This is not an exercise to set goals but it will certainly help you picture your outcomes and attract them! If you haven’t put these on your Vision Board and these images are attracting you intensely, you may want to draw a scene on the left side of your Journal, or create a mini Vision Board to work on this smaller objective. Without getting side tracked, you can try this out to play with the power of your mind.

In the meantime, the reason behind this exercise is to simply uplift you. When you write about the things that bring joy to you, that fill you with happy thoughts and more dreams, you feel energized and get that drive to strive for what you have been dreaming of.  Write about these thoughts in a lot of detail, engrave the picture in your mind as you are writing.

Even better, do this right before going to bed and have this be the last set of happy thoughts before you fall asleep. Your mind will continue working on this dream in your sleep and the thoughts will become more and more real. This pool of thoughts will eventually attract your dream and make it real, really real!

I am going to do this exercise for 5 days in a row starting tonight and I’ll tell you how I feel next week!
Try it too and let me know!


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