Letting your questions uncover hidden emotions

When you are stalled on your Path, asking open ended questions will help you better identify the symptoms and discover their causes. Some of these may be emotions well hidden for years, preventing you from moving forward. They will require a lot of attention and work beyond the first questions. You deserve the effort you will be putting into this even if it may get difficult at times!

Here is a suggestion to make the process easier on yourself.

I like trying to see my answers as objectively as I can, as if I am an outside person, looking in with a magnifying glass, to discover my feelings. If a question about my challenges uncovers a fear for example, I take a position of curiosity. Where does this fear come from? Why? Since when? How have I been dealing with it so far? How is this reaction been detrimental to my path?

This way of asking the questions allows me to be non-judgmental about myself. As you know, we can be our own worst critics and so it is in our best interest to put ourselves in a more objective position. I therefore look at my feelings from the outside and evaluate whether the emotions are still valid today, if they are still logical given my present situation and if I need to change my attitude accordingly.

Let me give you an example.
I may be stalling on a business project.

  • My question: Why am I stopping myself from moving forward?
  • My answer: Because I am afraid of failing. I have now identified the fear.
  • My question: Where does this fear come from?
  • My answer: My parents never encouraged taking risks… I realize that it stems from my very conventional, non entrepreneurial upbringing. I got used to taking on projects for which I was prepared with appropriate training only. I never learned to trust my acquired knowledge and experience as proper preparation for a business initiative.

My answer just gave me that ah-ha moment!

And so it goes, from one question to another…
This example is obviously a simplified version of the thought process. I may have to ask several questions to come up with the first answer for instance. Sometimes I will need to dig deep to figure out the underlying emotion as well. I may be in denial, I may resist some required changes… and so forth.

Once I have identified the issue though, I am automatically in a better position to tackle the challenge with more ease. I will no doubt discover something new about myself each time and the process will get easier too.

Are you ready to give this suggestion a try? You deserve to find happiness on your path. I say it’s worth a try!



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